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    OTL Time Entry Rule


      Hi All,



      I have a requirement where the "Exempt" or Salaried emps , are not to enter less than 8 hrs in their day time card . In case if they enter less than 8 hrs , a custom message should come up in the OTL page and time card should not be submitted .



      Can someone please suggest some pointers , as to how this task can be accomplished . Thanks in Advance .




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          1. You could use Fast Formulas to check the condition.

          2. Define a time entry rule and attach the FF.

          3. Create a new preference node for time entry rules

          4.  attach the new node to the person type using eligibility criteria.


          It depends if the person type 'Employee' is all full-time exempt employees or you might have to think on different lines like the employee category based how they are categorized in HR.