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    Adding a remote server through DSCC



         I have setup DS,DSCC on host1,i am able to login to DSCC web ui and add this existing server and manage this server.

      One more DS is setup on host2,now i want to add this remote DS to DSCC but when i click on "Register Existing Server" i do not see an option to select remote host.It is defaulted to localhost.

      Tried adding the server using cli,


      /opt/sun/ds7/dsee7/bin# ./dsccreg add-server -h host2  /var/opt/dsins1

      Enter DSCC administrator's password:

      /var/opt/dsins1 is an instance of DS

      No DSCC agent found


      Am i missing anything ?


      I was able to add multiple DS's  in DSCC in ODSEE_11. version




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          You need to create and start on host2 a dscc agent, running (on host2) the following commands:

          ${INST_DIR}/dsee7/bin/dsccagent create -p 21162

          ${INST_DIR}/dsee7/bin/dsccreg   add-agent -h ${DSCC_HOST} -p ${DSCC_PORT} ${INST_DIR}/dsee7/var/dcc/agent

          ${INST_DIR}/dsee7/bin/dsccagent start


          Then you can create on host2 the new ds server with a command like "dsadm create".

          Then register it on the central dscc/ads running (on host2) "dsccreg add-server -h $DSCC_HOST --agent-port 21162 ${INST_PATH}"