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    Viewing the Payslip from SSHR


      Dear All,


      we have provided a functionality to users for running their payslip through SSHR. It is working  fine, but here the issue is suppose user has run the payslip from  SSHR for JAN, FEB and MAR.

      Now user want to see his JAN payslip again with out running the CP from SSHR.


      how to navigate to the previous results ?


      Is it possible ?





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          Vigneswar Battu

          Hi Balaji,


          Which legislation are you working on and what version of Apps ?

          Online Payslip is provided by Oracle as a seeded solution, through Employee self-service for most of the legislations.

          On the seeded screen, you have an LOV for the payroll period date. And you can select a period to view the payslip for that period.


          If you have created a custom solution you need to replicate it the same way.




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            Thanks a lot Vignesh,


            I am working on QA legislation. We have provided custom solution for Payslip by attaching Custom CP to Function for SSHR.


            Can you please  advise me how achieve view functionality without running the Payslip again .