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    GlassFish Tools does not provide a Server Runtime for Java Build Path


      The server can be added in the Servers view and starting and stopping works nicely.


      However, adding the server runtime to the classpath of a project like this does not work:


      1. Right click on project > Properties
      2. Select Java Build Path
      3. Select the Libraries tab
      4. Click Add Library...
      5. Choose Server Runtime


      Actual: The resulting selection dialog is empty.

      Expected: The dialog lists a GlassFish 3.1 runtime.


      As a result, the classpath does not contain the Java EE and JPA APIs, resulting in compile errors. This used to work with earlier versions of the plugin (e.g. the one from http://download.java.net/glassfish/eclipse/indigo).


      The problem exists at least in the following configurations:


      • Eclipse 4.3 RC3 with GlassFish Tools and a GlassFish server
      • Eclipse 4.2.2 with GlassFish Tools and a GlassFish server


      An ugly workaround (until this is fixed) is to manually add the following (possibly more) jars via Add External Jars...:




      The problem with the above is that it adds absolute paths to .classpath and therefore can not be committed to the repository.

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