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    Best Practice- Menus and Functions


      Hello All,


      I have a question regarding creation of menus and functions and what is best practice. We are looking to implement SSHR ( 11i) and have created a custom responsibility and now I am looking to add more the current menu. We would like to add some functions from seeded menus but I am not sure if I should use the seeded ones ( personal or manager actions menu)  or create "new" customs ones. Also within those menus should the functions be custom as well ( copied with a different naming convention).


      I am wondering what is best practice and if I should be concerned with using the seeded menus and functions and either grant or hide the ones I do not need or just create new menus/functions and copy the set up with custom names. I previously just used the seeded menus/functions but we have a European business group that created custom functions. Why and what would that be useful for?


      Any thoughts?

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          Sanjay Singh



          Normally we create a replica of the standard menu and then based on the business requirement enable/disable/add/modify the functions labels etc.


          But then you always have the option of creating completely a new menu which would be the case for your european BG. all depends on the person implementing and both ways are fine as far as its working..:) So don't worry much about it and go-ahead with whichever way you feel comfortable.



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            Vigneswar Battu


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              Vignesh / Sanjay,

              I have created a custom "manager actions menu" that is a submenu to my manager self service responsibility and i copied the exact functions from the seeded one but when I choose the function to open the "manager actions menu" it does not show any possible actions. I have also changed the HR:profile manager actions menu to my custom menu and still nothing  shows up?  any suggestions?