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    UI restoration / config


      Hi Everyone,


      It seems after a network hiccup between the database server, the UI components are misbehaving:


      • When I try to enter AdminSite, it says "No applications are available for this site".  Which is not true; before the network problem, I was able to navigate to AdminSite and see icons for WEM Admin app, Admin UI, Contributor UI, etc.
      • When I try to enter any other site, it only gives access to the Contributor UI.  And when I click on the Contributor UI, the body of the screen is just blank.  There is only the Contributor UI icon on the top left, and the Logout button on the top right.


      I have verified that all the content does indeed reside in system/database.  I can preview content by explicitly hitting a preview URL.  Also, I have verified that all resources exist on the system by using CSDT command "listcs" for "ALL_ASSETS".


      Since all the site content/resources still exist, I am hoping that there is some simple way to restore the UI components.  Where can I find the UI config files that will allow me to perform this restoration?




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          Hello Somen,


          Can you try cleaning up the cache on disk first and see if it helps?

          With incache, cache on disk is stored in diskStore path specified in the cs-cache.xml, ss-cache.xml, cas-cache.xml, and linked-cache.xml files.

          By default the path is set to java.io.tmpdir/*cache directory.


          Stop the server, clean up the diskStore, and restart to see if the issue persists.