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    OEM Upgrade portion of DBUA (10GR2 to 11gR2 Upgrade) Takes Inordinate Amount of Time to Complete

    MS Sauter

      We are upgrading our Solaris 10gR2 ( RAC databases to 11gR2( and using the Oracle DB Upgrade Assistant )DBUA) as opposed to doing the upgrade manually.  The upgrading our Solaris 10gR2 ( 2-node RAC databases to 11gR2 ( and using the DBUS as  opposed to doing the upgrae manually.  The upgrades have been finishing w/o errir, but during the portion of the dbua where OEM is being upgraded, teh provgress sits at 87% from 2-2.5 hours.  We are tight on our upgrade window and wondering how/if we can shorten this window.  I realize that the dbua is automated, but am puzzled as to why the LONGEST portion of teh upgrade is focused on OEM.  I wonder if it is related to these DBs being RAC as well since we have not noticed this issue much on our single node Linux DB upgrades.  It amy not be related, however.


      We always have all OEM services down prior to running the upgrade.  We have both Grid agents and dbcontrol agents installed on these RAC DBs (the latter as a backup if we were to lose Grid Control).  However, we never run both agents simultaneously and primarily use the Grid agents for our DB monitoring.  In all cases, as stated previously, all OEM resources are DOWN prior to running of the dbua.


      Thank you for any guidance.




      Matt Sauter