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    Import Data from Excel to Oracle Forms


      Dear All,


      I have designed a form to import data from an excel worksheet into an Oracle Form and It works pretty fine.


      I use either Ole2.get_char_property or Ole2.get_num_property depending to the property of the column to read data but there are some columns used by both property which means that database is designed as VARCHAR2. The user can maintain either a numeric or characteristic data there. So I am looking for a solution to be able to make the program more flexible that he can read the property of the cell in excel file and decide what to use between Ole2.get_char_property and Ole2.get_num_property to read from excel file properly.


      I would be happy if anyone can guide me who have experience on it ? I am also open if you have any other recommendation to solve the problem regarding reading from Varchar2 columns.


      I thank you so much for all from now on.


      Kind Regards,

      Dr. Meriç Yıldırım