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    ODI Deployment


      I developed a package on my local Windows machine and want to schedule/deploy the scenario to a UNIX server.


      What do I need to install on the server?




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          HI Jz,


          Hope below steps may helps you.

          1) Generate the scenario for your developed PKG

          2)Expand the generated scenario and right click on schedule and create a scheduler as per your requirement and save it.
          3)Export the scenario (right click on scenario>export)
          4)Choose Child componenet and provide the local machine path where you need to export
          5)move the exported scenario from windows to linux machine using WinScp or SFTP or FileZilla
          6)Open and login to ODI Studio on linux machine
          7)goto operator navigator>click on Load Plans and Scenario tab (left side pane)> click on on New load plan and scenario Folder (small icon present on same tab)
          8) select the 4th option "import scenario",
          choose    import type as synonym mode INSERT_UPDATE
                    File import direcotry: select
          the folder where you placed exported scenario and moved with help of WinScp or Filzilla for SFTP
          and check the Import Scheduler and select the scenrio from the list and click on ok
          9) select the imported scenario and expand it and check the scheduler as also imported successfull, if you want you can do the changes in schedule

          Note: If your ODI studio is (EWR) then you have to proceed from above point #6