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    Interconnect with HealthCare HL7

      We are planning to switch from Quovax interface engine to Oracle Interconnect for HL7 message translation and hubing, and we have a patched 9iAS (Rel 2) running in production environment. My questions are:
      (1). Where can we find the Interconnect component to support HL7 messaging transformation? (we are not planning to use iHUB and consultants because of the budget).
      (2). How is Oracle Interconnect product working? is it fair or bad full of bugs?
      (4). Can we install the most current version of 10g Interconnect in patched 9iAS (Rel 2) environment?
      (4). How flexible is the product and its translation piece? Is Oracle Interconnect product reliable?

      Thank you so much for the help!
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          Our project domain is focus on healthcare, and we are survey j2ee integration solution that is working for EAI, A2A and workflow process now,
          Could you share your experience that Why you are planning to switch from Quovax interface engine to Oracle Interconnect for HL7 message translation and hubing ?
          In my impression that the Quovax is a powerfule hl7 exchange engine, have any issue that cause you need to switch it ? what is your consideration point ! thanks a lot.
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            Ting Rung,

            Interconnect does not have any HL7 specific translation and transformation engine. This has to be custom built.

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              There are adapters available for HL7 and HIPAA from Oracle partners which can be used with InterConnect without having to build a custom adapter.

              Shub Lahiri
              Product Manager
              OracleAS Integration
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                Hi Lahiri,

                Could you give us some information about Oracle parner adapters ? We cannot found in internet !
                and the other question is whether have healthcare success story that adopt the integration product ?
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                  You may want to review our website, while you wait for a detailed answer..


                  Anshu Sharma
                  OracleAS Integration Solutions
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                    Oregon Health Service uses Oracle's Integration Solution. For more information, read..


                    Anshu Sharma
                    OracleAS Integration Solutions.
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                      Hi Sharma ,

                      Thanks your help ,
                      1.but in these Integration PDF, I still cannot found which Oracle partner have the HL7 adapter to support Oracle Integration.
                      2.Did you know the Oracle ORACLE HEALTHCARE INTEGRATION HUB, we hope to know this product in deeply about price and detail functionality, because in Taiwan Oracle sales department seems non-understand about this product, so please help us, and about the product is a standalone product or bundle in Oracle E-business suite ?
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                        repost, please help.
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                          The Healthcare i-Hub is a comprehensive consulting solution that is offered by Oracle Consulting. You can get more information here:


                          For more information on the Oracle Healthcare Integration Hub or any other Consulting services, please call (US) 1-888-283-0591 or email OracleDirectConsulting_ww@oracle.com.
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                            If you are looking at custom building an HL7 interface, look at the new product EasyHL7 from Hermetech. Go over to http://www.hermetechnz.com to download the components. They also have TCP/IP HL7 listener and HL7 message router software that are very affordable and easy to use. The HL7 components are implemented as ActiveX DLLs and are compatible with MS .Net development
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                              That link to the PDF appears to be broken. Do you know were I can find this documentation?
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                                Technosoft Solutions has extensive experience developing and maintaining healthcare software. Thay have been providing software development services to US healthcare market for more than seven years. In over 30 hospitals across the USA, their solutions help care-givers provide quality patient-care.

                                They have developed and managed many HL7 interfaces including in/outbound Scheduling SIU (S12-S16, S26), Inbound/Outbound ADT (A01-A36), Outbound Charges (P03), Inbound Orders (O01), in/outbound Results (Text, PDF, PS, HTML, JPG, and base64 R01) interfaces. They have interfaced with MCkesson, HBOC, Cerner, Siemans, Scheduling.com, and many other healthcare systems. They have interfaced with EGate, Clover Leaf/Quavodox and many other interface engines.

                                More Details:

                                For free online consultancy: