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    Not able to access my ATG servlet through HTTP request


      I have a requirement to call the ATG servlet through a HTP request rather than a dsp tag. So I have done the following. As per my understanding, I'm doing it as follows, but I'm getting 404 page not found.

      Can you let me know what is the issue ??

      • Created a property file for /atg/dynamo/servlet/pipeline/ServletPathServlet. Overriden the servletPaths property as




      • Created a property file for /atg/dynamo/servlet/pipeline/ServletPathDispatcher. Overriden the dispatcherServiceMap property as




      • Created a class (MyServlet) that extends DynamoServlet. Overriden the service(DynamoHttpServletRequest req, DynamoHttpServletResponse resp) method and placed the business logic in the service method


      • Restarted ATG and try to access your servlet at http://{myserver}/{contextroot}/dyn/MyServlet.