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    Under the "Tuning History" tab, it always says "(No data)"


      We just installed Cloud Control 12c on Solaris 64-bit.  I've been Scheduleing SQL Tuning Advisor Tasks, and getting Recommendations for various SQL_IDs, as expected.  The problem is that if I ever try to go back to visit a SQL_ID, to view the "Tuning History" tab, there is absolutely nothing every listed in the way of all the past Advisor Tasks that ran for that SQL_ID.  And if the Tuning History isn't displaying the Advisor Tasks that ran, I've got nothing to click on to jump back to the Recomendations for a SQL_ID.  All this worked just fine in Grid Control 11g, but only "(No Data)" is ever displayed in 12c under my "Tuning History" tab when I know there's history to be listed there.