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    GG Error MySQL to Oracle "Failed to Query Metadata"




      I am using Oracle GoldenGate to replicat MySQL data in Oracle.

      My Oracle database is 11gR2 and MySQL is 5.5 both on Linux machines.


      For one of my new instance I am repeating the exercise that I have configured for an existing running replication.


      Both extract and replicat are are in RUNNING mode.


      But whenever that is a new record in MySQL extract get ABENDED with following error:


      2013-06-23 11:14:30  ERROR   OGG-00146  VAM function VAMRead returned unexpected

      result: error 600 - VAM Client Report <CAUSE OF FAILURE : Failed to Query Metad

      ata from Table : smpp7.sent_sms

      WHEN FAILED : While Sending Insert and Delete Record

      WHERE FAILED : MySQLBinLog Reader Module

      CONTEXT OF FAILURE : No Information Available!>.


      Any one has clue how to get rid of this error. I have given full rights to MySQL user I am using in my extract.