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    Query for multiple invoice numbers.




      My question is if I can add multiple invoice numbers in the search field "invice number"?

      For example when I receive a balance confirmation request from a supplier and their list contains 10 invoices. Can I do a search for all 10 at the same time or I can olny do a search one by one?


      Thank you!


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          there's no direct possibility to query for multiple Invoice number in terms of entering e.g. 5 number for a query.

          But you can work with placeholders '_' and '%' to find multiple invoices at one time. Underscore sign stands
          for exactly one character which can have multiple value, percentage sign for multiple ones.

          Example (assuming you are using letters and numbers for invoice numbering):

          When entering 'A12_' as search String, invoices from 'A120' to 'A12z' would be found.

          When using 'A12_01_' all invoices from 'A120010' to 'A12z01z' would be found.
          When using 'A12%' all invoices starting with 'A12' - no matter about the rest would be found.

          These are only a few examples but i think when using a clever combination of wildcards and parts of the
          invoices - which often share a common component, if the invoices come from the same vendor - you'll get
          at least a small step farther.



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            You can find multiple invoices using # IN('INVOICE1','INVOCIE2')

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              You don't have any option to find balance with multiple invoices.

              but alternatives you have.


              1) if you want to find for particular supplier balance confirmation you can do that from invoice inquiry screen. enter supplier name and click on Calculate Balance Owned Button.

              it will show total balance for that particular supplier.

              2) if you have those 10 invoices from One receipt/po whil quering you can give that PO and Receipt  so that you can get the supplier balances.




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