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    Problem Regarding a COlumn In Oracle Reports 10g


      Hi everybody,

                          I am having a simple problem with a field in Oracle Reports 10g . Actually the requirement is we need to have 5 columns the values for the 1st three columns were getting from the query and the 4th column is the average of the 3columns of that record and teh 5th column is the sum of the averages of the previous 3 records of the 4th column . For example



      a          b          c          d((a+b+c)/3)          e

      ---       ----        ----         ----                      ----   

      1          1          1          1                         0   

      2          2          2          2                         0

      1          2          3          2                         1   


      Where D and E are place holder columns

      The probelm is that if all a=0,b=0,c=0  then d should be also 0 it is displaying it as 0 but it is storing internally some value which s equal to teh value of d in the previous Record . which i came to with teh help of SRW.Message .




      Best Regards