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    making employee address compulsory


      Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a way to make entering the employee address compulsory without using forms personalization? I tried modifying the Address DFF to make certain fileds required for my address style but the employee record is still saved regardless.

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          Hello Igwe,



          Just to clarify, If you need certain columns of Address compulsory then you can use user hook to validate certain certain columns should have values.

          In case your requirement is to not allow to save employee record before address is entered then it is not possible as Employee/Personal Details is separate screen stored details in PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F and Address is separate screen stores details in PER_ADDRESSES tables. Before navigating to Address screen, Person Details should be saved.



          Please let us know what exactly your requirement is, that would be helpful in giving suggestions.





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            Hello Saurabh, I was thinking of making it compulsory to save the address along with the employee but since you say that is not possible I guess I'll leave it at that.