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    Responsive Theme (25) Icons

    Steve Maxwell

      I am using APEX 4.2.2 with DB on Windows and using the APEX Listener 2.0 with Glassfish 3.1 as the web server. Now I am trying to use the new UI icons that are available with theme 25 but I am having some problems finding out the names of the CSS class that corresponds to the icons. I select the button style as Template Based Button; button template as Button - Icon; problem is the Button CSS Classes list is showing empty and there is no easy way to determine the name of the class. I looked at the CSS file in the themes directory, but the file appears to be minified and it is difficult to match the class to an image.


      Is there somewhere where the icons are listed with the names/classes? How can I get the Button CSS Classes select list to show all the classes?