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    Oracle WEB ADI r12




      I am currently in the process of setting up WEBADI in my new r12 environment.   We have set up all the elements as per the note below



      Now we are running into an issue where, when we upload an ADI worksheet by navigating to Add-In Upload menu item, the Oracle log in page pops up.   And it asks for user name and password.   This is where the problem arises.


      When we supply the user name and password.  It is not validating it.  The user name and passwords are accurate. We are able to log in to Oracle EBS using those same EXACT username and passwords.


      But why, when we launch the EBS Log in screen using the upload menu item of Oracle ADD IN from ADI Excel sheet, it is NOT accepting credentials???


      We are using MS Excel 2007 on r12.1.3


      Please advise.