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    How to create a custom login screen in  oracle forms without ON-LOGON trigger:

    Rajanikanta Mohanty

      Dear Friends,


      We have discussed a lot regarding the custom login screen in application level for oracle forms,

      But here is a different requirement without ON-LOGON trigger.




      Once user gives the http://sys:8889/forms/frmservlet  URL he/she  should be prompted to this login screen with the option to change password.

      There is no table in DB for storing the username and password. It will authenticate by default DB credentials.


      Header 1Header 2
      Username (Label)TextBox
      Password (Label) Text Box


      Login             Change Password    Clear             Cancel            /* Push Buttons*/


      Password must be 8 characters.

      1. Cannot be re –used
      2. Option for change password.
      3. Option for clear and cancel.
      4. Upon clicking change password, it will prompt you as below.



      Header 1Header 2
      Current Password (Label) Text Box
      New Password (Label) Text Box
      Verify New Password (Label) Text Box


          OK                   CANCEL   /* push button  */



      1. User must be login into the database by his/her  PROFILE.
      2. If form success, then it should call start form which is the main interface of the application.

            The DB is Oracle 10g and Used forms & Reports 10g.

      I am unable to upload the Canvas screen shot, but think you can understand.

      Any help will be much appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance.