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    OBI Product Comparision


      Hi All,


      I am looking for comparison details of different Oracle Business Intelligence products such as  :


      OBIEE, OBI SE One etc.


      Can anyone help in this regard? Is there a single slide which explains the differences among these products?




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          Sasi  Nagireddy

          what is OBI SE

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            OBI SE stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition

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              Sasi  Nagireddy

              Here is the basic difference between OBIEE (Enterprise Edition) and OBISE (Standard Edition) in terms of components shipped along with them as a package


              OBISE -

              BI Standard edition includes Oracle Database 10g, with ETL, OLAP, Data Mining included in the data server, as well as the following additional components:

              Oracle BI Discoverer - Relational and OLAP data access and user-driven customizable dashboards

              Oracle BI Spreadsheet Add in - OLAP data access from within Excel spreadsheets

              Oracle BI Beans - For building powerful customized business intelligence applications

              Oracle BI Warehouse Builder - Rapid design, deployment, and management of data and metadata

              Oracle Reports Services - High-fidelity enterprise reporting


              OBIEE -

              Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition includes the following key components:


              Oracle Business Intelligence Server

              Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboard

              Oracle Business Intelligence Answers (ad hoc query and analysis)

              Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers (proactive detection and alerts)

              Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

              Oracle Business Intelligence Disconnected Analytics

              Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administrator


              OBIEE can be integrated to several applications.

              In case, you are using OBIEE with no integrations, it is called standalone OBIEE.

              Mark if helps