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    Personalisations to seeded SSHR function


      As part of a Self Service HR implementation, I need to make personalisations to SS Vehicle Repository (Private Vehicle Entry) i.e. unrender fields and make fields mandatory.


      I have tried to duplicate the function SS Vehicle Repository and rename. I've added the custom function to the Global Self Service Functions Custom menu and run "Compile Security" concurrent request. The function fails with an unexpected error message.


      Seeded SS Vehicle Repository (PQPVEHINFOPROCESS_SS) function:

      HTML Call: OA.jsp?akRegionCode=HR_CREATE_PROCESS_TOP_SS&akRegionApplicationId=800&OAFunc=PQPVEHINFOPROCESS_SS

      Parameters: pCalledFrom=PQPVEHINFOPROCESS_SS&pProcessName=PQP_VEH_REPOSITORY_JSP_PRC&pItemType=HRSSA&pPersonID=


      Duplicated Custom Function:

      Name: XXOV SS Vehicle Repository


      HTML Call: OA.jsp?akRegionCode=HR_CREATE_PROCESS_TOP_SS&akRegionApplicationId=800&OAFunc=XXOV_PQPVEHINFOPROCESS_SS

      Parameters: pCalledFrom=XXOV_PQPVEHINFOPROCESS_SS&pProcessName=PQP_VEH_REPOSITORY_JSP_PRC&pItemType=HRSSA&pPersonID=


      Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong???


      If I leave the seeded function SS Vehicle Repository in my custom menu and make the personalisations, will we lose them during upgrade/patching?


      Many thanks,

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          Personalizations are safe from upgrade.

          But the golden rule says, Copy then Change.


          Your setup looks OK for me:

               In Parameters: Change pCalledFrom to be the same as your function code, and call the same workflow process or copy from it.

              In HTML Call: change OAFunc to be the same as your function code.

               add it to HR_GLOBAL_SS_FUNCTIONS_CUSTOM menu

               sometimes you need to add it to HR_XX_SS_FUNCTIONS_CUSTOM where xx is your business group short name.


          be sure that there are no spaces as parameters and HTML calls are sensitive to these issues, then try to clear cache, if not working try to bounce the Apache.