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    Import Items Interface Issue


      Hi Experts,


      I'm Working with EBS 11.5.10.....I'm working on ITEM IMPORT interface, i have below sample data in the mtl_system_items_interface.


      Segment1Organization_IdOrganization_CodeSet_Process_IDTransaction_typeTEMPLATE_NAMEHeader 7
      7876-20111108MAS555CREATEMAS MRO
      7876-20111123CAC555CREATECAC MRO


      108 is Master Organization, 123 is Child Organization


      I have 'Item Import' as scheduled program.


      Argument 1 (ORG_ID) = 110

      Argument 2 (ALL_ORG) = 1

      Argument 3 (VAL_ITEM_FLAG) = 1

      Argument 4 (PRO_ITEM_FLAG) = 1

      Argument 5 (DEL_REC_FLAG) = 2

      Argument 6 (PROCESS_SET) =

      Argument 7 (CREATE_UPDATE) = 1


      Query 1: I have org_id 108 and 123 in sample data, but 110 is being passed in argument1....item is created in 108 and 123 organizaitons, then what is the importance of organizaiton 110.


      Query 2: I have set_process_id 555 in sample data, but PROCESS_SET argument is being passed as NULL, question is, if the process_set argument is null, will it pick all records (includes null and not null) or just null records; in my case, it picked my record and created item....Please clarify the behaviour of PROCESS_SET argument.


      Please help at the earliest.



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          for Query 1:

          Argument 1  : Org_id refers to the id of the operating unit. (hr_operating_units) here 110 in your case.

          Argument 2 : you are passing ALL_ORG as 1. So it processed both the master (108) and child org (123) organization_id of the inventory organization (in mtl_parameters table)

          Query 2.

          while running item import if you pass PROCESS_SET_ID it will pick those records. if not it will pick all the records.



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            Hi Ujjwal,


            Thanks for your help.....It clarified my doubts.