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    Receipt Close Point at Delivery ? When PO Closed ??


      HI ALL,


      I am very new to the Oracle Forums, Me also put mine question into the Oracle Communities (Procurement).


      Here I just wanted to know one thing from you, Let us consider the case the Receving day Early and Days Late is 0 and Reciiving Close Tolerance is also 0. Under the Receving Option I have settled the System Reject if the Receving Cross the Days Early and Days Late. Routing Method is Inspection Required, now whenever the Material coming it first come into the Receving Location where it is Inspect and then Delivered to the specific Sub Inventory. It is client Requirement that when we Receive the Material into the Receving Location so the Status of the PO would not be Close ??


      Status of the PO Close until the PO is delivered in specific Sub Inventory ??


      Can any Boday suggest me whatever I am thinking if i will put the Receipt Close Point at the Delivery Level for the PO so does it work mine requirement ??