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    oracle forms how to chage library path


      hi frds,

                   At my server my all oracle 10g forms have saved library path "c:\forms\lib" .now at test server we want to change library path "d:\forms\all".

      for this we got to open forms and attach library from new path and save for all forms .is there any utility by using that we can perform this task using script?

      so form can open add library from new path and saved itself.


      thxs in advance

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          Andreas Weiden

          If you are familiar with java, you could write a program using the JDAPI to detach and reattach the libraries. There are also commercial tools to do so.


          Regardless of the way you use, you should attach the libraries WITHOUT any hardcoded path (next time your testserver use e:) . If there is no path included in the attached library, forms will search it in the FORMS_PATH at runtime.


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