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    oracle.forms.webutil.common.RegisterWebUtil etc. not found with Java 1.6.0_43




      we have forms applications running under iAS 11g ( under Linux), use IE 9 or IE 8 under Windows 7 on the clients. Everything works fine with Java 1.6.0_35 or 1.6.0_31.


      Now we tested with Java 1.6.0_43 and encountered two problems:


      1. File Upload via WebUtil does not work (oracle.forms.webutil.common.RegisterWebUtil not found; oracle.forms.webutil.clientInfo.GetClientInfo not found).


      2. Icons on buttons are not displayed. They are stored in a .jar file. One can see in the Java console that they are found on and loaded from the server.


      As far as I understand the certification matrix this configuration is not supported. But maybe there is a solution nevertheless...


      Thanks in Advance

      Peter Diehl