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    Install Oracle11g db. on AIX 7.1


      Hi I would like ask somebody how can ( how possible ways ) I install Oracle11q db on my AIX server. I guess after start runinstaller it should by run OUI but this one doesnt start...

      I am currently using for mange / work only terminal connection - SMIT - via HMC konsole - version 7.1.

      I was download and prepared DVD with install files Oracle11g db then in AIX file system mount cdrom and try to run runinstaller / rootpre.sh,, but it is does not work.. see the error message bellow .


      " #./rootpre.sh

      Required file .//rootpre/pw-syscall32 is missing

      Aborting pre-instalation procedure.Installation of Oracle may fail."


      But file pw-syscall32 it is on DVD and look by fine. So now I dont know what can I do / fix this problem and continue in instalation Oracle11g on AIX.

      Any experiences with install Oracle or anyone sw. on AIX enviroment are welcome.