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    Can asm diskgroup be attached to many clusters at same time?

    Ed Rudans



      10g ASM and database.


      Lets assume we got 2RAC databases: RAC1 and RAC2 sitting on one ASM diskgroup DISK1, mounted on nodes: node1, node2.

      Now we want to move the RAC2 database to another cluster. So weshutdown RAC2, mount diskgroup DISK1 on another set of nodes (node11, node22), and start the RAC2. While RAC1 running from other cluster from same diskgroup.


      Or to simplify, lets have single instances DB1 and DB2 running on ASM diskgroup DISK1. Now we want to move DB2 to another server - server2. Can we mount DISK1 on another server - server2, while its still mounted on server1?


      Is this gonna work? Why?

      Have you done this before?