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    VDBench Config Generator / Validator.


      I had a quick question regarding vdbench. I'm about to embark on creating a very basic config generator/validator for vdbench and I was wondering if there was any existing facility already in place.


      The two things I've been looking at creating is, first, a way to validate config files, and second being able to generate configs on the fly such that you can give a list of devices/filesystems and types of workloads you'd like to use and have a valid config come out the other end.


      The biggest challenge for us is to be able to support the wide variety of options and incantations of a vdbench config. Any ideas or pointers would be very much appreciated.



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          Henk Vandenbergh-Oracle

          - You can run Vdbench with the '-s' (simulate) option. It will do all the parsing, and a couple of quick checks, but it will not open any devices.


          - I usually do a quick override of the elapsed time by running with '-e5 -i1', just running each Run Definition for five seconds.


          - To 'quickly' select a number of available devices run './vdbench sds' (Solaris and Linux). This shows you the devices that are available and you decide which ones to use. I have had several requests to allow for wildcarding in the lun= parameter, but I have and always will refuse to do this. Too dangerous.


          "The biggest challenge for me is to be able to support the wide variety of options and incantations of Vdbench"