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    R12.1.3 - Patch Wizard no longer working after CPU upgrade


      R12.1.3 on RH Linux x86_64.

      Just upgraded my R12.1.3 environment to get to the Jan 2013 CPU level and decided to setup Patch Wizard to see what it shows now.

      Previously I had to apply patch "10629956 - Oracle Applications Patch Wizard" to get patch wizard to work with our proxy server.


      Initially I just went ahead and applied that patch again to my new config but still couldn't get past this error:

      Validation Error. Please check the indicated fields below.

      Unable to connect to Metalink. Please enter a valid Metalink userid and password.

      Please also check if the Web Proxy Setup information is correct.

      Now upon further investigation I see there is an updated patch:

      Patch 16357991 for the latest version of Patch Wizard in Oracle E-Business Suite (Release 12.1)

      This Patch has been Superseded.    Reason 16357991 included in 11071638


      I applied patch 11071638 but I still get the same validation error.

      Pre-req patches R12.AD.B.delta.3 [9239089] and R12.ATG_PF.B.delta.3 [8919491] had been applied.


      I still have an older instance running and patch wizard works properly with the same credentials and proxy server settings there.


      So how do I troubleshoot this?