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    Different Deadlock trace files




      In our application we use to have deadlock issues and i need to analyze that
      trace file.Some time i use to have trace files which is having current session and
      waiting session information and with modules and queries they are executing in top section
      of trace file only , no need to read below data in trace file . But some times the
      trace files are different..all update or select for update queries are spread
      across the file and very difficult to understand which was locking what. Is that in rac or 11g environment
      deadlock trace file is having different structure,?


      One more question regarding deadlock ...many time we found that the current
      query is updating on table A and waiting query updating on table B .. Is it possible
      to have deadlock scenario when queries are working on different tables ? or
      many be it is happening only if tables are in relation like parent and child ?