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    Now that JDK8 is feature complete, is JavaFX8 also feature complete?




      So I've been playing with the latest beta ( b94 ), and was impressed with the stability of the product ( with b88 Ensemble8 wasn't working correctly ).

      Anyway, I looked on Jira on some popular features, and I've seen that, for example, radio streaming is not even assigned, although it looks to me a popular feature request. There are also other popular features in this state.


      My point, will these feature added to the Lombard release, or there is no chance for it?


      I'm pretty interested in the approach of the development until next year, I mean bug fixing and stabilizing the build or do this and also add some features for JavaFX? ( although from the fact that system tray has been deferred to Van Ness makes me thing taking features from the pool will not happen )