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    Linking tasks in schedullingGantt pojo based


      Hello dudes,


      I made schedulling gantt based on pojo, as in adfFacesDemoApp. I want to join some tasks with line, as I read the docs, it looks like should be possible, but somehow doesn't work for me.  I have class TaskDependecy.java as in adfFacesDemo. If i put breakpoint on


      public class TaskDependency {

          private Task m_from;

          private Task m_to;

          private String m_type;


          public TaskDependency(Task from, Task to, String type)


              m_from = from;

              m_to = to;

              m_type = type;


          public String getFromId()


      *        return m_from.getTaskId();



      debugger stops. It means gantt tries to find dependencies, but somehow fails to draw them. Any ideas how to fix? Is it really possible to link tasks in scheduling gant?