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    Metric thresholds not getting deployed?




      I am not able to get any metric thresholds deployed, except for the default Response status threshold.

      We are on version EM 12cR2, on Linux.


      The metric has a column with a condition in the default collection xml file:


      <Condition COLUMN_NAME="level" WARNING="20" CRITICAL="40" OPERATOR="GE"

                       MESSAGE="The value for %columnName% is %value%%%.  It has risen above the critical (%critical_threshold%%%) or warning (%warning_threshold%%%) threshold."

                       CLEAR_MESSAGE="The value for %columnName% is %value%%%.  It has fallen below the critical (%critical_threshold%%%) or warning (%warning_threshold%%%) threshold." />


      However, this does not get deployed. It doesn't show up in the MGMT$METRIC_COLLECTION table, nor does it show in the "Metric and Collection Settings" window of the target.

      I have tried both a full new deployment of the plug-in as well as using the MRS to update the xml, but neither seem to have the desired effect.


      Any ideas as to the cause of this appreciated.