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    Batch Loader File Name - Replace/Append?


      We employ a custom/smart merge in FDM that automatically removes previously loaded intersections in HFM by appending NODATA lines at the end of our load file based on the information included in the previous load file.  In the FDM configurations, users are only able to use the MERGE option when loading data so that this functionality is not subject to override.


      We have just purchased and developed a Batch Loader solution that we'd like to pair with this smart merge functionality and I want to be sure that we are requiring appropriate file name configuration based on a MERGE data load setting.  If I understand the file name conventions for batch loader correctly, the "RA", "RR", "AR", "AA" suffix at the end of the loader determines whether batch loader runs through a replace or append.


      If we want a location's file to replace the previous load file within FDM during the import step, but load all data files to HFM using a merge, should my filename end with "RA"?  Also, if someone accidentally uses RR, does changing the Adapter Option (FM11X-G5-ELoadOptMethodVal) to only show Merge protect against a replace load?


      Thanks in advance!