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    Session State "Status"

    Howard (... in Training)

      I was tickled pink -- now you know I'm being facetious -- to see there was documentation on Session State Status.  (Gotta love all those "S".)


      The session states are: Inserted, Updated and Reset.  Isn't that fantastic!  And probably even correct.  But ...  Wait for it ...!  Wait for it ...!


      Ahhh!  I can't find any Oracle APEX documentation explaining: Inserted / Updated / Reset!   What does "inserted" mean?   How is "updated" different?   "Reset" "how"?  Reset to "what"?


      The answer(s) may be obvious ... if you already know it.  The rest of us can only wonder, I suppose. 


      So, are the definitions documented somewhere?  If it's in a blog, I can't access blogs from work but I can when I get home tonight.


      Thanks for reading,