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    Passing apex_item.checkbox selected value from popup to parent


        Hi All, 

                   I have  a parent screen (P1) having a text item and add button. When i click the add button it trigger the popup screen which allows the user to select the empid from a report. I uses Apex_item.checkbox to select the user.

      the query is as follows

      SELECT apex_item.checkbox(1,EMPNO) A, ENAME FROM EMP;


      I have a button in a popup pages . If the user give a submit in the popup page, I need to close the popup page and  pass all the selected emp no to a text field in the parent page with some delimiter. I tried JavaScript on click option but it doesn't work when I do the unchecked. . 



      Please let me know if any of  you have a solution. I have stimulate the same in apex.oracle.com the  login info is as follows



      Workspace :bus_sol

      user name : test

      password : test123

      app id   :  61487



      Thanks in advance