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    Enterprise Manager Console not coming up


      Hello Friends


      I am trying to log into the /em console - abcd.efgh.ijkl:7001/em and am getting the following JSP error -




      The following JSP error occurred:


      Request URI:/em/as/as/wlFarmHome.jspx

      The following exception occurred:

      OracleJSP error:oracle.jsp.parse.JspParseException:
      /as/as/wlFarmHome.jspx: Line # 4, <af:document id="d1" maximized="true" title="#{emfunc:browserHomePageTitle()}">
      Error: Function emfunc:browserHomePageTitle has an invalid prefix or uses the default namespace which is not defined. Correct the prefix or in a jsp document, put the function inside a tag that defines the tag library namespace


      I searched for this problem and got the following solution - http://www.appsdbatraining.com/2013/05/09/request-uriemasaswlfarmhome-jspx/

      But it does not work and I am still seeing this error. any suggestion on how to solve this error.


      Thank You in advance