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    Specify columns on datapump export or import


      Hi all,


      I have two rather large tables on DB1 that are being migrated to a single table on DB2, with the new table taking columns from both of the existing tables.


      I was hoping to be able to do this as part of a data pump and I am trying to avoid, for disk space reasons, having to import both tables to DB2.


      Is it possible to export both of these tables and then import my data into a single table, specifying that newTable.colX=oldTable1.colA, newTable.colY=oldTable2.colA etc. I mistakenly thought that remap_data would help me do this but looking at the Oracle docs I don't think it is possible this way.


      Any other advice on how this might be done without importing the two tables into DB2 would also be appreciated.