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    Migration from 8.3 to


      We are planning to migrate from Hyperion performance suite 8.3 to Oracle EPM through Migration utility. But we have 2 different source system. is that possibel to migrate 2 source system into one target system. 2 sources system uses the oracle source repository.


      Thanks in advance

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          Krishna Kumar K P-Oracle

          Two source means you have a distributed environment.Could you explain the architecture?

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            Hi Krishna,


            This is not a Distributed environment. Here the two source systems are different standalone applications. One is Unix and the other is solaris. Still now they ae using two different environments seperatley, now we are planning to migrate these two different source systems into a single target system.


            Our questions is as it is two standalone applications it has its own foundation and product deployed databases (both uses oracle Repository) will it make any issuses while migrating 2 foundation services databases to a single foundation services database ( as the same way two Brio deployed databases to single target IR database (