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    Thoughts on the 11gR2 Preinstall RPM in Linux


      Hi, I am going to install 11gR2 on an Oracle Linux 6-3 Server. I have done my Linux install but did not use / install the 11gR2 preinstall RPM.


      Q1. Is there any further documentation on what this package does ? The 11g install manual doesn't provide much.

      - I gather this package installs the pre-req packages for the 11gR2 install ( that's useful I guess - though my standard Linux 6-3 install was only missing 7 packages listed in the 11gR2 install manual, which were easily enough copied off the 11gR2 installation DVD )

      - it also creates the oracle user and groups required for install. I am not as keen on this - since I prefer to choose my own user names ( especially if this is a multi Oracle Homed server )

      - does it also set the kernel and user settings as required by the OUI in the 11gR2 install manual ?


      Q2. At this stage is there any point me installing the preinstall package or should I just install the 7 packages I am missing and then create my own user:group and make sure the kernel settings are per manual ?


      I am trying to guage how useful or otherwise, people have found this pre-install package ?