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    How do I grant Configure Target Role


      I am trying to preform an operation from within the OEM 12c console and it fails telling me I need the Configure Target role. I can't for the life of me figure out how to grant that role. Can someone help please.



      Bill Wagman

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          Maureen Byrne

          (Updated Response )


          Hi Bill,

          To create a Role with the 'Configure Target Privilege' and assign it to a Target, please follow these steps....


          1. In the Enterprise Manager Console, from the 'Setup' drop down menu, select 'Security' then 'Roles'

          2. Select the 'Create' button.

          3. Enter an appropriate role name, for this example we shall call it CONFTARGET-ROLE, hit the 'Next' button

          4. Click through the next window, by hitting 'Next' on the 'Create Role CONFTARGET-ROLE:Roles page


          5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Target Privileges section, Select the ‘Add’ button, From the “Target Type” drop down menu, select the appropriate type, “Agent” in this instance. Check the box of the Agent Target you would like to grant this new role too. Click 'Select'.

          6. Scroll to the bottom of the page, to Target Privileges, you will see the Agents listed that you selected. In the ‘Manage Target Privilege Grants’ column, Click on the pencil icon.

          7. Here you will select the “Configure Target” privilege, for the required Agent Target. Click ‘Continue’.

          8. When you scroll back down to the Target Privilege section of the page you will see the agent listed in the table and in the ‘Manage Target Privilege Grants’ column, you will see the ‘Configure Target’ privilege listed.

          6. On the Resource Privilege page, click 'Next'

          7. Decide and select which users you want to grant this next role, CONFTARGET-ROLE too, click 'Next'.

          8. Review your new role then click 'Finish'.



          More information about roles and privileges can be found in the Security Guide document, section 2.2 Configuring Privileges and Role Authorization, Security Features.




          Please let me know if you have any other questions,