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    Pretty URL in JSK


      Hi there,


      i am new to OWC Sites (11gR1) - i wonder if i can get pretty URLs inside the JSK, and if yes then please someone tell me what do i miss here :

      I've installed the JSK and read carefully the documentation - my question is what do i need to do ( what links to change & where ) in order to see FirstSiteII with pretty/friendly URL?!

      I did check the propertyEditor and the 1-st set up is for  com.fatwire.firstsite.uri.FSIIAssembler/fsii - which i guess is not working and therefore jumps to the default one ( latest in rank as 2-nd ) com.fatwire.cs.core.uri.QueryAssembler.


      I've changed the ranking and push everything by 1 ahead and insert at position1 the other default URL Assembler ( as per documentation there are 2 available in OWC Sites )

      com.fatwire.cs.core.uri.QueryAsPathInfoAssembler / pathinfo


      but i still can not see any changes : I do not see where to change/overrride the default URL assembler (query) with the new one (pathinfo) or even fsii ( as per one i may develop myself )


      Can someone point me into the right direction ?! Not interested in 3-rd parties just yet ( like GSF for example ) so please do not mention this as a possible solution.


      Thank you !

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          Can you please post the related configurations you have in ServletRequest.properties so we can see how it's configured?


          Also, can you try hitting http://<hostname>:<port>/cs/ContentServer/FirstSiteII/FSII/1118867611403 and see if you can see the home page of FirstSiteII?


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            Hello and thank you for your reply,


            so if we go back to the default JSK install:










            cs.contenttype.UTF-8=text/html; charset\=UTF-8


            cs.contenttype=text/html; charset\=UTF-8



            and yes, http://<hostname>:<port>/cs/ContentServer/FirstSiteII/FSII/1118867611403 indeed will show up the FirstSiteII Home page.


            Does this mean that the 1-st ( fsii ) assembler works ?! If eys, what did i miss - where are these paths generated ? What do i have to do to see these pretty URLs generated from the Admin/Contributors as well ( like in previewing the website ) ?! When i try preview pages they are in the default "query" assembler one and i do not know how to change that.

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              Tony Field

              Turn on logging for the definition and you should see why the FSII Assembler is giving up.