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    Application Module in Web Based Application with loads of Concurrent Users

    Alejandro Tovar Lanz



      I've got a test case of an ADF Application ( that will be access by huge amount of users (read only) and by a significant less amount of user than can modify certain things in the DB.


      For example, a system where people look for accommodations and could comment and rate them and accommodation provider can log in and create / update their accommodation.


      So, it is worth to create different types of view objects?

            For example query based to list and display and entity based when the user can update them. Or it wont affect that much?


      The other thing is that I am not sure how an ADF application will behave with a lot of guest users so I don't know how to configure the application module so it effectively handle without problems the request without throwing exceptions of resource pool not being available etc. As a developer, the application will always run fine since we use to test it with just one user at the time.


      Is there any kind of help I can use to guide me through this?