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    Error Creating Tabular Form in 4.2

    Joe Upshaw

      I have a workspace with additional schemas granted. So, thew workspace has a parsing schema of SCHEMA_A but, schemas SCHEMA_B and SCHEMA_C have been granted.


      I have confirmed that the appropriate permissions have been granted on a table in SCHEMA_B to SCHEMA_A. (U,I,S,D).


      I can create an Interactive report on TABLE_A in SCHEMA_B without any issues.


      However, if I go to add a Tabular Form, I pick the exact same table and I get the following error alert:


      You do not have access to the schema you are importing

      Import Failed


      As further evidence that this is, indeed, a bug, I can create the form with some random table in the SCHEMA_A schema. Then, go edit the page and chnage it to select from the table in SCHEMA_B and everything works fine.