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    iconic image with label in button

    The Learner


      I am trying to put iconic image to the button.
      Oracle Forms 10g, OS:  windows 7
      I put the properties to the button
      Label : Clear
      Iconic: yes
      Iconic file name: clear.

      after that it is not showing the Label to the Button. It is showing only the iconic image only.

      Help me.

      Thanks & Regards,

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          JeanYves Bernier

          Hi Shankar

          Unfortunately  you cannot have  a button with  both label and icon , if you choose iconic = yes then you will have only the icon displayed and with iconic=no then the label will be displayed.


          For your need I think you must take a look at Francois Degrelle pjc blog http://forms.pjc.bean.over-blog.com/categorie-450786.html


          take a look at :



          PJC : A button with label and icon




          This PJC extends default button functionality to show both icon and label.

          Oleg Tishchenko



          The Java code


          Get the source code here

          Forms configuration

          . Copy the lablediconbutton.jar file in the /forms/java directory
          . Edit the/forms/server/formsweb.cfg file to add the jar file to thearchive_jini variable


            Note : Notice that icon files used in this demo are stored in the root of the jar file

          Implementation Class property



          The properties you can set


          On image


          Set_Custom_Property( 'BLOC.BEAN_ITEM',1, 'IMAGE_NAME_ON', 'icon_name' );

          Off image


          Set_Custom_Property( 'BLOC.BEAN_ITEM',1, 'IMAGE_NAME_OFF', 'icon_name' );

          Trun debug on/off

          Set_Custom_Property( 'BLOC.BEAN_ITEM',1, 'DEBUGMESSAGES', 'true' );


          Trun debug all instance of this PJC on/off

          Set_Custom_Property( 'BLOC.BEAN_ITEM',1, ' DEBUGMESSAGES_ALL', 'false' );


          The properties you can read


          On image


          Get_Custom_Property( 'BLOC.BEAN_ITEM',1, 'IMAGE_NAME_ON' );


          Off image


          Get_Custom_Property( 'BLOC.BEAN_ITEM',1, 'IMAGE_NAME_OFF' );


          The sample dialog


               . Download the lablediconbutton.zip file
               . Unzip the file
               . Edit your /forms/server/formsweb.cfg file
               . Open the lablediconbutton.fmb module (Oracle Forms 10.1.2)
               . Compile all and run the module

          hope this helps



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