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    SOA Deployment Failed


      Hi Guys,


      When I deployed a BPM composite in EM Console i got a message that SOA deployement failed. The error message is "Unable to find a WSDL that has a definition for service {http://xmlns.oracle.com/bpmn/bpmnProcess/NewDocumentumTest}NewDocumentumTest.service and port NewDocumentumTestPort. Please make sure that the port attribute for the binding defined in the composite file is correct by checking the namespace service name and port name. In addition check that the WSDL associated with the binding namespace is imported and currently reachable (check the import nodes at the top of the composite file). Finally validate the HTTP proxy settings for the server." In this composite I have imported a wsdl of another webservice. When I compiled the composite it is showing no errors. Plz help me guys in this issue as I am new to SOA.