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    How to use Precendence_rules.csv file to set precendence rules in ATG-Endeca Integration




      I am integrating ATG 10.1.2 Product Catalog with Endeca. I am successfuly able to publish data from ATG to the Endeca CAS Record store and run baseline update.


      I have used the Catalog Integration template:


      The problem i am facing is, I have a dimensions created from the ATG catalog structure. I also have dimensions that I have created in developer studio.

      I want to apply precedence rules on the dimension i created in dev. studio using the dim. coming from the CAS dimval record store. Since i am not able to view the dimensions coming from the CAS record store i am unable to set precendence rules in dev, studio.


      In page no. 12 of the above guide, they suggest that i use  the precedence_rules.csv file present in <app>/config/api-input directory. I have tried all possible permutations and combinations to add the precedence rules using this file, but they are still not working( i am checking in JSP REF). All other prules i created in dev. studio (between dims created in dev.studio) are being set.


      Another doubt is that I have to set prules on a dim. val of a dimension named product.category(coming from the dim. record store) . Is this format I have used below correct (I have used Windows EOF format as suggested in the guide)?





      product.category/accessories,102016,Accessoires answer 1,leaf


      Any insights/pointers would be greatly appreciated.


      I there any way to know that my FCM/ConfigurationGeneratorForge is actuall reading that file as there are no logs being generated.




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          I think I figured out the problem I was having. The FCM is correctly reading the precedence_rules.csv file, but it supports precedence rules only for root level dimensions. I was able to create a prule for "product.category" (It is NOT an autogen dimension) which is an dimension created by the ATG indexing components.


          It supports prules mapping for dims created in dev.studio and those created from the ATG side and vice versa.


          When i tried to add the "product.category/accessories" as the src dimension in the precedence rule, it is not working. "accessories" is a dimval under "product.category" and it doesn't have an entry in the app's  CAS schema record store. I guess this is the problem which is preventing me from adding prules to the dimval.


          If anyone was able to create precendence rule for a dimval, please let me know.


          Any help would be greatly appreciated.