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    Loading Sales History end in error with ORA-20002 ORA-20003 erro in PACKAGE BODY DATA_LOAD

    Riccardo Quaglia



      since few days we'are unable to upload sales history on our Demantra instance. We were able in the past and we still can upload successfully items and locations. But when I come to Sales History, the process completes with the following error:

      Schema ID: 631

      Schema name: ’’EBS Full Download’’

      Step ID: ’’LoadHistory’’

      Step name: ’’LoadHistory’’


      Error description ’’Database internal error:ORA-20002: -20003 ORA-20003: Error in PACKAGE BODY DATA_LOAD line 4050’’


      This exactly what I receive on the My Task section of the collaborator workbench. The same can be seen on the Tomcat log on the Demantra application server.

      I have seen we have a number of invalid objects, so I'll recompile all. Anyway, I can't see DATA_LOAD nor EP_LOAD_SALES between the invalid objects. Why this error happens?


      Best Regards,

      Riccardo Quaglia