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    NPD - "Guidance" field




      Please create a brand new project.

      Please go to TEAM MEMBERS Tab and add a functional area and a user in the team member colomn.


      I would like to populate the "guidance" field but unfortunately it is greyed out.

      Would you please advise.


      My current verson is


      Thanks and regards


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          Jessie C-Oracle

          Hi Danieledd,


            I think Guidance only works in 'Team Member Formulation Requirements (from Project Template)' section. if the project is in edit mode and you click 'Update Team Members', you will be able to modify the 'Guidance' field. however, this field doesn't show in 'Additional Team Member Formulation Requirements field.'



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            Hello Jessie,


            I think I was not great at explaining.

            Please create a brand new project and go to PROJECT TEAM Tab.

            Please go to Team Member Formulation Requirements (from Project Template) and add a functional area and a user  under "team members" TAB.

            System doesn't still prevents me from editing the guidance field.


            If I try to populate the same field in Project templates, I do nt have any problem.

            Please advise.