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    Apex Blogs Aggregator .... died ?


      Dear All,


      What happen with great Apex Blogs Aggregator ?

      Looks like dying ....


      After it moved to ODTUG, it never working as before.

      Looks like it killed slowly.


      I know, it is free service and I should complaint ...

      but it is a place to see all Apex experts and gurus sharing the Apex idea, tips, tricks, techniques and news for beginners like myself.

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          I see no blog posts listed - I've sent an e-mail to Heather, let's see what she says.


          I wonder how long it's been like that? Maybe something to do with google reader dying overnight? Dimitri Gielis?


          I've never had an issue otherwise.

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            Dimitri Gielis

            Martin and I actually talked about APEXBlogs at KScope, and ODTUG is aware of the issues and they are working hard to find a better solution.


            Google Reader was used before indeed, but as that got shut, an intermediate solution is now based on Yahoo pipes.

            That will only work when you go to odtug.com/apex. The RSS feed is not working anymore.

            Once Feedly comes out with their API, that will be used instead.


            A bit more patient... it will get better soon


            Hope that helps,


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              Hi Scot,


              Beside current problem. The features is reduced so much until in the level "low" compare the old web page by Dimitri.


              Example: I can not go back to old post again. I can not search topic etc.


              Looks like no one really taking care this great blogs aggregator anymore after moving in ODTUG.

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                Thanks for the update.


                Hopefully it will get better in the future.

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                  Martin Giffy D'Souza



                  I appreciate the feedback regarding the APEX blogs site. As Dimitri mentioned we had to do an emergency fix to migrate the blogs to a different platform for the July 1st deadline. Given the requirements of the community and the 3rd party options we ended up having to build a custom solution as a temporary fix (I'll blog about this soon).


                  We do realize that since moving the APEX Blogs to ODTUG some of the functionality has been missing. We (ODTUG) are deeply invested in the APEX blogs site and have been looking for a permanent solution to provide most of the features of the old site. Once the Feedly APIs are released to the public we'll know how we can approach the situation.


                  That being said we have spent a lot of time looking for 3rd party solutions that will meet all of our needs. To date, we haven't found one. If you (or anyone else in the community) knows of one please let us know. At a high level these are the requirements:


                  - Can be embedded into another site (most likely via iFrames)

                  - Supports searching all the feeds (will require that the service provider stores the content)

                  - Can serve an unmodified aggregated XML RSS/Atom feed of the content (i.e. no additional adds)


                  We're willing to pay for such a service as we realize it has a tremendous value to members in the Oracle community.



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                    Hi Martin,


                    Thanks for the feedback.

                    Looking forward for the solution.


                    Perhaps the iFrames concept is the faster way and use the old web site with some tweaks.






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                      Hi Tobin,


                      while you wait, would you like to try this one?




                      It's a full-fledged apex-based social reader and bookmarking tool.


                      I have been using it in the past 4 years and I find it very efficient, although it is not yet in a final shape (some secondary pages are not as "polished" as others).


                      Basically you can create your own apex-blogs aggregator, you can disregard blogs you are not interested in or add new ones on an individual basis.


                      It also imports google reader subscriptions (exported as an XML archive) to make life easier for users migrating from there.

                      For best results I recommend using Firefox, Chrome and Safari are working just fine most of the time, except in a couple of situations that I still have to investigate.


                      Once you are registered, I'll be glad to help you with setting up your profile and explain the main features.










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                        Hello Martin,

                        I'd love to talk you about the system you outlined because the application I wrote seems to match rather well your requirements.


                        I have been thinking to talk about it to Monty for months, but for one reason or another I never did so.

                        I believe there is also room for some joint effort in case you are interested.






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                          Martin Giffy D'Souza

                          Hi Flavio,


                          Can you please send me an email to <my_first_name>@clarifit.com  I'd like to discuss your solution offline and see if we can implement it for the main ODTUG Blog Aggregator service.